Jesper Juul

June 2013

Dear friend,

Four weeks ago, the surgeons once again tried to restore my ability to speak. It seemed successful - at least for a few days. Then the scar-tissue closed the windpipe just below my verbal cords - and I was silenced. The third attempt happened on May 16th, and this time it 
feels better. I’m only able to whisper - but at least I can make myself easily understood.

The recovery concerning functionality of my lower body is painstakingly slow. If I do not focus and if I am unlucky, my life could become very limited.

I had a meeting with “my” team of nurses and therapists and was invited to set my personal goals for the next few months. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Istria in July regardless of my condition, so we set this as my primary goal. Every day, I work hard in physiotherapy for about two – three hours, and I have gained a lot of strength in my upper body.

Two new books have recently been published in Germany and both are doing well. We have a few ideas for a couple of new ones.

Fortunately, good friends are still hanging in there and spoiling me with their good company and delicious homemade food, and lots of messages of support. I believe in my long-term future but I’m not too enthusiastic about my immediate future. On this blue note I wish you all a wonderful spring!

Best wishes,


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