Jesper Juul

July 2013

Dear friends!

They were closing parts of the hospital for the summer, so I have been moved to the old department close to the lake, which means more chaos but a much nicer view. In January I expected to be out of hospital by now and now I don’t know.

The functions of my legs and lower body have not improved and my physiotherapy is now mainly aimed at making me as independent as possible for a disabled person. This means maximizing my ability to move myself from bed to wheelchair and back again and later also getting dressed. It means a lot of focus on my arms and upper body, which are getting stronger every day.

Since my last surgery – which was actually more like an examination in full anesthesia – my speech has improved a little and should continue to improve over the coming weeks. The bad news are that my next examination will be as far away as December where they will be able to determine whether the abnormal growth of scar-tissue in the windpipe has been successfully stopped. My Tracheostomy “pipe” will stay in place until then.

The last surgery has made it possible for me to move around more without having to be followed by a nurse. I have learned how to take care of any breathing problem that might occur myself. With a new electrical wheel chair with a operating radius of 10 km I can now escape my 12 m2 “prison” and enjoy sun, rain and wind.

My idea of spending the summer in Istria proved to be too optimistic and I’m now trying to come to terms with other options. Another loss to digest and another goal to postpone.

I am able to do some work. The new book on AGGRESSION is being published in several countries and I have been proofreading the Danish version. 

My son was in Denmark and I was able to spend a weekend (my first in 6 months) in our flat in Odder with him. It was good to spend the time together and I had 9 meals that actually tasted like I remember food should taste!! Hospital food is a disaster in every way and if I did not have good people bringing me home cooked food every now and then, I would loose my desire to eat completely.

My warmest regards and thanks!!


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