Jesper Juul

April 2013

Dear friend,

Sorry to have kept you waiting for another month with news about my health. This time I am able to share some really good news with you.

A while ago I lost my voice as a result of the various treatments I have received via my neck. Finally, after two surgeries, I am happy to say that I am able to voice my being again.

I have also been able to stop smoking, I have lost 30 kilos, and I am exercising and pumping iron every day to keep my mind and upper body fit.

At this point, the core of my recovery - reestablishing the connection between my brain and my feet - is being hindered by two “road-blocks” in the spinal cord. My sensory nervous system is slowly returning but I am not able to move my lower body. I am however, confident that it will happen. Nobody can give me a reliable prognosis. Some patients have experienced recovery after 2-4 months - others after a year. I aim for the middle.

Thanks again you for your ongoing support in so many ways - I shall keep you posted about new developments. 

Best wishes,


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