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Family Time

Family Time
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Jesper Juul and Monica Øien

 In this book, you will spend some quality “family time” in each room of a typical home.

We enter and work out what turns a house into a home. Then, we visit the parents’ bedroom, the baby’s room, the child’s room, the teenager’s room, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. In each room, a range of typical situations are analyzed—things most families have to deal with. How do you get young children to help with the cooking? What happens to a fi fteen-year-old who has taken drugs? There are hundreds of other challenges that deal with sleep, tantrums, play, food, friends, hygiene, independence, respect, boundaries, and so forth.

In a conversational style, Jesper Juul and Monica Øien refl ect on why we do things rather than on how we do them. “Family Time” is packed with inspiring, practical, and down-to-earth suggestions. Sometimes they are challenging, but they are always focused on how we build trust and develop the best possible relationships with each other and our children.


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